7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED

This is a guest post by Sarah Smith, Content Coordinator @ personalincome.org

Making your blog page popular is not an easy task. There are other great blogs out there and competition is tough. You might think that you are a good writer, but there could be better writers with more hits.

To keep your followers engaged, your strategy is to post something every day. You think that this will make them become more loyal to you. The truth is that this is one of the most common blogging myths.

Just because you keep posting something on your blog page doesn’t necessarily mean you will have more followers. It also doesn’t mean your old followers will love every single blog you post.

Constant publishing of blogs could lead to the weakening of the article quality. You might start with something great because you have properly screened and edited the blog. Later on, you are pressured to keep publishing more, and you no longer take as much time as before in editing your work.

If people find your blog boring, error filled or useless, they will start running away. Instead of getting more people to read what you have posted, they will turn to other bloggers for better blogs.

The key is to avoid being pressured into publishing blogs every day. Who cares if you can’t publish anything for today? You have tried your best to finish one, but you just can’t. You would rather wait until you are ready to publish something that is worth reading than force yourself to showcase something not worth reading.

This is just one of the so many blogging myths to avoid. Below is an infographic containing more popular blogging myths and the truth behind them. Avoid all these mistakes for a more successful blog page.

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED