The Wonder of a Well-Planned Social Media Strategy and Why You Need One!

What Can Infinity Durban Do For Your Brand?
What Can Infinity Durban Do For Your Brand?

So what is social media marketing and why do you need it?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) uses social media as a platform to network with consumers, target a specific audience and produce content with huge potential.  Users will share that content on their social networks thereby increasing brand exposure and customer reach.  It is important to move with the times and social media is a big part of that.  So whether you are a one man show trying to get your business off the ground or a corporate looking to increase your global footprint, social media marketing can work for you.

What benefits are there in having an SMM strategy?

Firstly, low start-up cost.  Perfect for start-up businesses, it can be done on a low budget and can eventually pay for itself with monetary advertising.  At first, most social media network sites are free to set up.  The main cost in the beginning is training staff on how to grow and develop brands and businesses through social media.

Secondly, all it takes is a PC and internet connection.  There has been no other type of marketing tool in history that can grow a brand as fast as social media with such little resources.

Thirdly, customer loyalty.  You will get followers with a genuine interest in your brand and if you have a well-planned marketing strategy to keep them engaged and interested, you will gain their trust, they will spread the word and eventually build a following for you.  It is a primary way to get them to know your brand personally and make a genuine commitment to support it.

Lastly, viral marketing.  Remember the days when your only hope was printing 20,000 leaflets and putting them in people’s post-boxes? Those days are over! With a well thought out SMM strategy, you have the ability to grow your loyal followers to such a large degree that you will eventually establish your own ‘media channel’ and they will speak for you.  This does not happen overnight of course but, with the right team and plan, it can happen quicker than you think!

Building the Foundation: How Important is LinkedIn for Me and My Business?

by D’rene’ Tesner

Everyone wants what is best for their new venture. Your first order of business to get training wheels off of your startup would be to start getting your name out there. There are so many different ways to do that, but not everyone knows what direction to take first would be the best. Our advice is to exploit what works best and we know that to be by using your trusted networks. LinkedIn is a platform which has been around for a good number of years, with a reputable status and a massive networking system in place- and a proven track record.

LinkedIn is a multinational system that reaches over 200 countries and territories, with the growth of 2 business professionals every second at a steady rate since their launch in May of 2003; they now have over 460 million users. Incredibly, your new business could be reaching those places in a matter of minutes. LinkedIn provides a safe and secure platform for you to get your brand out there.

Once you are all set up on LinkedIn, or have outsourced an amazing company like Infinity Durban to take the headache out of the procedure for you, it is vital to remember that in order to get the most out of everything that this amazing platform has to offer, you need to maintain your presence there and provide continuous engagement to your connections.

Consider your online presence as a flower. You cannot just plant it, give it a little water and then leave expecting it to keep itself alive without any further participation from you. You need to keep it going, constantly updating it with news and up to date information. This will show that there is growth and consistency in your business, and direct valuable traffic to your website.

Your brand’s online presence provides a sense of expertise in the industry, which garners a positive response and builds trusting relationships between your business and those you reach out to as prospective clients or potential clients looking for you. You also need to post updates about your page on the LinkedIn feed to keep you relevant; you will remain on people’s minds when they browse through what is new and going on around the world of business in your industry. Your competition is on LinkedIn, can you afford not to be?

We can Help!

Remember, with or without our professional, top notch services, it is vital that you keep your content targeted to your niche, speaking directly to them in your postings. LinkedIn has a HUGE following, which should be used to your advantage. Contact Infinity Durban today to assess your needs, the downfalls of your existing page as well as tailored, masterfully written Company and Professional profiles.


Update: Check out our Downloads page for a copy of our eBook on how to leverage LinkedIn for Marketing purposes!

5 Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Your Company’s Social Media Management

It stands to reason that if you happen to be reading our article at this moment, then you are most likely contemplating hiring an outside source to handle all your campaigns, with regards to social media marketing. Infinity Durban is exactly where you need to be. Like most entrepreneurs before you, you have most likely found that no matter what the size of your business, finding enough time to tend to all of these social media networks by yourself is near impossible. Most of our clientele are simply too inundated to be able to dedicate the amount of time required to get it right.

In general, it is not difficult to highlight the benefits of employing an active social media and online presence strategy. As easy as it sounds though, it is quite often not as simple to formulate as you might assume. Learning all of the tips and tricks of social media outlets is a time consuming process and many business owners simply don’t have the time to learn how. With so many different channels each with their own nuances, it is near impossible to find the time to address each of them adequately. The likelihood is that you are struggling to find the time to tackle even one of them effectively, while trying to juggle the core elements of your business.

You may be surprised to learn that adequate management on just one platform of social media actually requires up to 30 hours per month to maintain. Perhaps you have tried to handle it on your own but are starting to realise that the task may be more daunting than you first realised. Is managing social media all by yourself a wise move? Or would outsourcing better serve your business? If you need an expert opinion then worry not, you are not the only one!

You Benefit from a Wealth of Research, Knowledge and Expertise

If your company hopes to achieve its social media objectives and goals, then it is imperative that you hire a specialist with a strong background in marketing on a global level. If you really hope to have a success with social media, then it is vital that the person managing your company’s social media campaigns has valuable knowledge and expertise in the industry. A specialist social media agency has access to much more in-depth on the job experience and awareness about social platforms than what your company may do.

A social media manager needs to invest the time each and every day, into actively learning about your industry, as opposed to merely reporting. Whether this your employee or you have opted to outsource your company’s social media management, you need to ensure that you have chosen the right candidate for the job. A skilled social media specialist will always be continually learning about new trends on the market and will always be proactive in keeping you ahead of the race. You would be surprised to realise how much there is to miss when you fail to keep up with all the newest developments in technology and the social media industry.

If you choose to outsource your business’ social media management to our agency, then you will know that  other staff will automatically be supporting the agent running your campaign, a team who are experienced in a range of ways. If you hire a social media manger in-house, then you need to be prepared to support that person with a whole team of other staff who will be able to help them on their campaigns – most companies cannot afford this. If you are unable to commit to learning continually and consistently, then it would be wiser to leave your company’s social media management to the experts.

You Get a Perspective from Outside the Box

Obviously nobody knows as much about your brand and your company than you do, but there are times when you need a little bit of objectivity in order to better understand how your company is seen from the view of your consumers. Third-party intervention can really challenge the concepts, notions, and ideas which you have begun to take for granted. When all your marketing is done in-house, then you run the risk of becoming a little bit too introspective.

Outsourcing is Cost Effective

There are several benefits when it comes to having just the right candidate doing that on your behalf, provided you are able to pay their salary. Should you opt to outsource your business’ social media management, then you don’t just guaranteed that your account is being handled by a professional with in depth knowledge of the whole industry, they also charge you substantially less than what it would cost your company to employ somebody full-time to do the work. 

But remember, there are a lot of facets to consider when trying to hire the perfect person, and that not getting it right can be very detrimental. Can you afford to choose the wrong person internally? How can you guarantee that this person will actually be competent enough to manage your company’s  social media campaigns? When you outsource, then you know that this agent is being supported by an entire team, which means that for a small outlay you are getting so much more.

You Get Consistency

Employing an agency keeps the content flowing, and in turn, this increases your search results on Google. Can you think of anything worse for your business than your potential customers looking at the blog on a your website, and the last time anything was posted was back in 2013, and there have been no tweets for the last 3 month!

We all know that the key to success online comes down to consistency. This process should be seamless and you will not even notice the difference. If your account manager is sick or on holiday, then the agency will brief an alternative account manager to look after your account. Outsourcing your business’ social media means that the job gets done, no matter what!

You Get Creative, Shareable Content

When someone is developing online content for all your company’s social media, your email marketing, your blogs, it is vital that their voice reflects the voice of your brand as well as the voice of your company. As an employee you are an ‘insider,’ which means that there is a risk that you might have a tendency to communicate your thoughts to your readers in such a way that you may understand buy they may struggle to fully comprehend and appreciate. Try to keep in mind that your tendency would be to speak in industry jargon or company lingo that might go straight over your audience’s head.