Designing For The Future: Digital Trends We Need To Consider Now


Can you believe that we’re already halfway through 2017? As it stands, developing industries as well as up and coming entrepreneurs are already looking for ways to get ahead of the game by looking at future trends for strategic pointers on how to direct the management of their online presence. While we can expect more trends to reveal themselves as the year moves forward, by watching the disruptors and seeing what does and doesn’t work for them we can predict the digital marketing trends that will continue to grow into 2018.

Website Design Trends

In terms of website design, 2017 consumers are seeking businesses which they feel that they can relate to on an emotional level; a brand that they can trust, so to say. Consumers are bored with the quite obviously posed photographs and fake smiles, they want to see that the businesses they support are real. What this means for website design is a huge increase in authentic and original images, and a massive decrease in stock images.

We can also expect to see typography heading in two opposite directions (depending on the business). Some website designs are expected to make use of something called Maximum Typography in order to attract the eye of the viewer. This is done but highlighting keywords on the website to attract attention. This isn’t to say that bigger is better but rather that specific words deserve more attention than others.

The other direction that we can expect website typography to take is a minimalistic approach, using fewer words and more icons. Websites are predicted to take on a grid layout, using iconography with few words to help the user navigate the website easier. Users want the information they need faster than ever, which means that websites will need to be easier to navigate and produce more information, more quickly.


Online marketing is a highly effective tool for medium to large businesses, and has completely changed the way that the consumer connects with businesses, and vice versa. We can easily see the increased use of digital media and the way we order and pay for goods online. That being said, let us take a look at what trends we can expect in online marketing next year.

Advertising with online videos is a massive trend right now and we expect the trend to continue and become more popular with higher quality videos. This online marketing tool allows businesses to quickly and effectively communicate with consumers, and advertisers are mastering how to catch the viewer’s eye and prevent them from clicking “SKIP AD”.

Another trend we can expect is a high rise in, is content being viewed over cell phones and other mobile devices, instead of laptops. This is because most target consumers are on-the-go, and don’t have time or space to set up a laptop, thus they do the bulk of their browsing using mobile devices. To leverage this rising trend, businesses and marketers need to account for this and make all their online content smartphone- and tablet-friendly.

Social Media

One of the last things that we can expect to see in online marketing in 2018 is a continued rise in content on social media platforms. We all love social media, and many of us make use of more than just Facebook. Businesses can be expected to connect with consumers a lot more on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. Social media is unavoidable. It is already a massive part of our day-to-day lives, and it is easy to see how it will soon to become a huge part in businesses every day. Social Media will give brands small, medium, and large many opportunities they will not want to let slide by.

In the past few years, the trend has slowly emerged that businesses and brands are grabbing for attention on social media and trying to hold their position on it. Social media trends in 2018 will show that businesses will not only become more apparent but will also be used as platforms for recruitment and sales. Brands and businesses already know that many consumers simply scroll past, and thus will find ways to make their social media content more captivating, to engage with the viewers in a more meaningful way.

The last major trend we will talk about here for 2018 in a vast improvement in social media capabilities. Many social media platforms are defective and have received bad reviews. We can expect to see a large scale improvement in functionality on these apps and sites. Not only will this help brands and businesses who use these platforms to connect with their consumers more effectively, but it will also help the general public to connect with each other in more meaningful ways.

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The Ugly Truth about Spun Content

Guest Blogger: Emily Morrison

Spun content: What is it?

Spinning content is a tactic of Black Hat SEO (search engine optimization). Webopedia defines Black Hat SEO as aggressive SEO that focuses on a non-human audience- they “cheat” the SEO system by focusing on search engines and disobey SE guidelines. Some of these tactics include keyword stuffing, invisible text, and page swapping and doorway pages favoured by quick-return users rather than long term investors- tactics that Google and other search engines absolutely detest, and can result in the banning of the websites that use them.

“Spinning content” is one such technique. Sinning content is simply rewriting text to make it seem original. Of course it is easy to understand why it is done because most people developed these habits back at school when they crammed an assignment or didn’t actually understand the topic, so rewrote the question several times to make it seem like the answer was in the question all along (it wasn’t).

Doesn’t sound so bad because someone once told you there were no more original ideas or whatever? But the truth of the matter is that now some “SEO ranking improvement companies” are using software that does this for them, essentially taking one article and spinning it into 100 articles and the press of a button. The less impressive programs simply jumble the letters while more advanced software, with the combined efforts of the human user can create extremely unique seeming articles with what they call “spintax” which is spin and syntax combined. There are even applications that can do this all without any human intervention!

Google hires the smartest people for a reason and if these smart cookies, and the software they are developing every day, identifies spun content, both the supplier and every page using that spun content is liable to receive a search engine ranking penalty and even run the risk of being permanently shut down, which could spell the doom of your business as it stands; Thus further enhancing the need for original content.

Infinity Durban has a team of dedicated writers and freelance professionals dedicated to providing you with quality original content that is written daily and run through up to date high end plagiarism checkers, ensuring that your content is professional, original and SEO friendly.  We aim to provide content that adds to the virtual library rather that fading into the abyss, and we are sure this is extremely important to you.

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED

This is a guest post by Sarah Smith, Content Coordinator @

Making your blog page popular is not an easy task. There are other great blogs out there and competition is tough. You might think that you are a good writer, but there could be better writers with more hits.

To keep your followers engaged, your strategy is to post something every day. You think that this will make them become more loyal to you. The truth is that this is one of the most common blogging myths.

Just because you keep posting something on your blog page doesn’t necessarily mean you will have more followers. It also doesn’t mean your old followers will love every single blog you post.

Constant publishing of blogs could lead to the weakening of the article quality. You might start with something great because you have properly screened and edited the blog. Later on, you are pressured to keep publishing more, and you no longer take as much time as before in editing your work.

If people find your blog boring, error filled or useless, they will start running away. Instead of getting more people to read what you have posted, they will turn to other bloggers for better blogs.

The key is to avoid being pressured into publishing blogs every day. Who cares if you can’t publish anything for today? You have tried your best to finish one, but you just can’t. You would rather wait until you are ready to publish something that is worth reading than force yourself to showcase something not worth reading.

This is just one of the so many blogging myths to avoid. Below is an infographic containing more popular blogging myths and the truth behind them. Avoid all these mistakes for a more successful blog page.

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED